NASS Festival 2018 was a busy one for me juggling skating and hosting duties accordingly! Alongside skating in the Invitational Street contest and throwing back to my teens by competing in Invitational Vert, I was hosting the Open Street contest, Women’s Street Finals and the VICE Old Blue Last Beer Long Rail Jams.

With a Long Rail Jam taking place each day, this meant my diary for the weekend was stacked – but with the sun shining, a World Cup win in the bag and incredible skating taking place right across the festival site, that was fine by me!

Perhaps the most unexpected setup for any of my hosting duties was Old Blue Last’s long rail. I’d been briefed that this was 20m long, but it’s only when you see a golden rail glistening in the sun in person that you appreciate just how long 20m really is. This event was a mixture of incredible skating and hilarious challenges, featuring people cracking beers (mostly onto themselves) mid-grind, skating with 5 foot tall inflatable beer cans under arm, and skate-jousting to name just a few.

Highlights of the Long Rail Jam can be seen below, and I look forward to being back at NASS in 2019.